Why We Recommend Shopify Pay To Shopify Merchants

Shopify Payments was launched in the year 2013. Its sole purpose is to integrate with Shopify to be the most powerful and yet the simplest payment gateway there is.

Shopify users, just like any other eCommerce platform user had to rely on a third-party payment solution to accept payment via credit cards. In addition, the process involved paying an extra fee to Shopify.

Shopify Payments filled that one hole. 

It’s also made payment processing through Shopify websites simpler, cheaper, more convenient, and secure.

For this reason, we Shopify Plus experts in Singapore decided to write a blog about why we recommend using Shopify Payments as your Shopify payment gateway.

Shopify is the first and only eCommerce platform presently to offer a payment solution that is fully integrated with an online store. Shopify merchants can now accept and manage VISA, MasterCard, and American Express payments directly through Shopify instead of having to go through a third party payment gateway and set everything up separately.

Shopify merchants only need to go to the Payments tab on their Settings dashboard and activate Shopify Payments; there you have it, your payment gateway is set.

Shopify Payments comes at no additional cost with existing Shopify plans. Shopify merchants that are on the Basic plan will pay 2.9% + 30c USD per online transaction, while those on the Enterprise plan (Shopify Plus) will pay only 2.15% per online transaction. Unlike other payment solutions, Shopify Payments charges no additional fees for accepting American Express or international credit cards, and no fees for the included PCI Compliance protections. (Shopify is Certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant for handling more than 6 million transactions a year, across all channels)

Shopify Payments leverages Stripe technology and can be enabled with just 2-clicks in existing Shopify stores. 

This revolutionary new payment system will be available to specific locations

There are over 100M buyers using Shopify Payments (Now rebranded as Shop Pay) to purchase from Shopify stores as of now.

Among the other reasons, we as Shopify Plus experts and Shopify Partners in Singapore recommend Shop Pay because of how easy this payment gateway is to use.

A study conducted by Shopify showed that checkouts going through Shop Pay have an average checkout-to-order rate of 1.72x times higher than those going through regular checkouts. Why? Because Shop Pay provides a seamless shopping experience. Once a buyer uses Shop Pay for the first time, their information is saved for future purchases—they can then securely speed through checkout with a simple tap.

While Shop Pay’s conversion advantage is evident across both mobile and desktop, it is significantly improved on mobile, where Shop Pay checkouts convert at a 1.91x times higher than regular checkouts. This is a massive advantage for direct-to-consumer brands, where conversion on mobile can be the difference between making money or losing money.

Even new customers need not fear saving their details on Shop Pay since it’s tied into the million-merchant ecosystem.

Another latest news from Shopify Payments is that Shop Pay has become the first Shopify product to extend beyond Shopify merchants, soon available to any business selling on Facebook and Google. Ie: Shopify’s one-click checkout will become available to all merchants selling on Facebook and Google—even if they don’t use Shopify.

Shopify last year announced Shop Pay will be enabled for all merchants selling in the US on Facebook in the coming months, followed by a rollout to all merchants on Google by late 2021.

Before we Shopify Plus Experts close this blog; mention a few sales benefits of Shop Pay for the Shopify Merchant:

  • Faster, more efficient, and secure payments: Checkout on Shop Pay within the Shopify platform is 70% faster than a typical checkout, with a 1.72x higher conversion rate. This means fewer abandoned carts and increased conversion. 
  • Carbon emissions offset on every delivery: One of the first carbon-neutral ways to pay, Shop Pay offsets 100% of the delivery emissions for every order. 53% of consumers say they prefer green or sustainable products.

So, Shopify has just made credit card processing simpler by bringing it in-house. No need to go looking for a third-party payment solutions gateway anymore. No extra fees included!

To know more about Shopify and Shop Pay, get in touch with us or drop us a message at hi@mswebinternational.com. 

Or any hire Shopify Plus experts to leverage the true potential that you deserve - more customers and more sales!

Top Global Brands That Trust Shopify Plus To Accelerate And Manage Their Businesses

Shopify Plus is created for entrepreneurs and companies who have higher volume needs. Shopify Plus enables incredible flexibility with powerful features that make running a business even easier. It offers many outstanding features such as dedicated apps, flexible API calls, and much more! The best part is that Shopify Plus increases the speed to market new projects and it reduces the costs making it affordable for big brands and enterprises.

As Shopify Plus Experts and Shopify Plus Developers in Singapore, we will mention 5 top global brands that trust Shopify Plus to accelerate and manage their businesses. 

  1. Allbirds - A true vertical retail darling that reached a reported billion-dollar valuation just two years after its founding in 2014, there are few brands in the world of start-up fashion such as Allbirds.

    Allbirds to effectively move customers through its limited store spaces, Allbirds knew it could never rely on a traditional retail setup, with lines of shoppers waiting for one of the front tills to free up. Instead, they trained every one of their store associates to use Shopify POS, enabling Allbirds to multiply the checkout systems they could use and from where they could use them.

  2. Gymshark - At the age of 19, Ben Francis founded Gymshark, leading fitness apparel and accessories brand, in a U.K garage in 2012. The company has cultivated a highly engaged social media following and recently migrated to Shopify Plus.

    Ten months after entering into a relationship with Magento, Gymshark re-platformed with Shopify Plus knowing the platform can scale on demand and grow with Gymshark as the company sets its sights on additional international expansion. Gymshark fosters immersive online-offline customer experiences by using Shopify’s POS system to help organize world tours where Gymshark customers can meet their fitness idols and make purchases on locations.

  3. Blender Bottle - Co-founded in 2000 by entrepreneurial partners Steve and Kim Sorensen, the BlenderBottle® brand believed a lumpy protein shake just inspires a bad mood thus landing on the prototype for what is now the iconic BlenderBall® wire whisk. Once a home-based startup with a staff of two, Trove Brands (parent company) is now a market-leading global enterprise, with products sold in over 100,000 retail outlets, in 90+ countries.

    As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and finding new buyers becomes more challenging, BlenderBottle is always exploring new customer acquisition solutions. That’s why it became an early adopter of Shopify Audiences—which allows brands to find new customers via high-intent audiences that help ads perform better while decreasing conversion costs.

    Shopify Audiences enables you to generate a list of buyers located in the United States and Canada who are likely to purchase the type of product that you want to sell more of. You can export the audience list to your Facebook Ads account, and then launch ad campaigns that target that audience.

  4. Staples Canada - In late 2018, across what would eventually reach more than 300 stores across Canada, Staples began to unveil its new logo and slogan—“Work. Learn. Grow.” It signaled a new era for retail.

    The issue: Staples once could only deploy major changes or new promotions once a day—at night, when the entire site had to come down to update. No more.

    Also, Busy shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday—and, especially for Staples, back to school—needed to be times when the company was no longer consumed by managing capacity or the threat of servers going down.

    By early summer 2019, Staples’ new Shopify Plus site was live. The next greatest test was to prove the platform would be as flexible as promised. As the holidays approached, Lee (Senior Director - Staples Canada) found a new reality when it came to scheduling promotions and sales. Where once Staples could only schedule new site promotions the night before during Black Friday Cyber Monday, it was now free to update or cycle through sales campaigns as many times per day, in real-time, as his team wished!

    Lee also found Staples could move faster still. During the 2019 holidays, Lee says, “we didn’t miss a beat.” No matter that Staples was now cycling through more than four times the website promotions it once did over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  5. Power Gummies - It’s been a long journey with Power Gummies. From their very first Shopify website to ongoing development on their Shopify Plus website.

    The story dates back to 2018, when Divij Bajaj, (Founder - Power Gummies) was struggling to make his parents consume multivitamins and started looking for innovative solutions. This is when Divij had his eureka moment stemming from a simple thought - “Why not create something that people would love to consume without hesitation and reminders?”

    As work started on the Power Gummies Shopify Plus Website, the deadline for expected go-live was set at 2.5 months.

    The Shopify Plus Experts team from Marmato delivered the entire work in a span of 48-50 days only! “This helped change the perception of working with an agency as opposed to hiring a team in-house,” said Kapil Mittal (Chief of Business Strategy - Power Gummies). 

Consider speaking with a Shopify Plus Agency or a Shopify Plus Developer in Singapore to help you with any queries you may have about Shopify. There are just so many advantages of being on the Shopify Platform. All of these advantages simply cannot be mentioned in just one blog!

We have for this reason put up an exhaustive article mentioning why we suggest Shopify Plus for enterprise-level users. 

10 Tips On How To Handle High Volume Sales

The anticipation of handling a high-volume sales event is always exciting and palpable. There are a thousand things to think of and consider. Among those thoughts comes the fear of a server crash!

At no time should a server crash ever occur during a high-volume sales event like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A single outage during a sales event can cause the merchant a loss of thousands of dollars. According to Gartner's research, network downtime can cost companies $5,600 per minute to well over $300,000 per hour.

This is why we Shopify Plus experts and Shopify Plus developers in Singapore are writing this blog to provide you with 10 tips on handling high-volume sales.

  1. Choose a stable platform like Shopify - Shopify Plus provides you with 99.99% uptime. Shopify Plus handles more than 10,900 checkouts per minute at peak times.
  2. Create your web pages with proper categories so the visitor load is equally shared across the website.
  3. Offer discounts to customers who buy products above a specific amount. If using Shopify Plus, make use of Shopify scripts designed to help you with this. This also creates repeat customers.
  4. Offer premium delivery to customers with high volume sales. Shopify Scripts can help you there too.
  5. Consider Shopify Plus in case of creating different rates for wholesalers.
  6. Consider utilizing your lead magnets and sending a Thankyou mail to customers who have purchased items worth large amounts. This creates personalization and brings a smile to the customer's face saying you cared.
  7. Take the help of Customer Service and keep them ready for any query the customer might have. All of the customer's queries must be answered. This ensures a sale. 
  8. Provide detailed descriptions of your products on the product page so the customer is sure of their purchase.
  9. Consider using Shopify Launchpad if you are an enterprise-level merchant gearing up for an event. Shopify Plus provides you with this feature which allows you to plan for such events weeks or months in advance. 
  10. Keep your customers informed about the sale so they can save up for it and be ready for the sale when it happens.

As Shopify Plus partners and Shopify Plus developers in Singapore, we recommend you check which plan of Shopify works best for you. Always feel free to get in touch with the Shopify Plus agency which can inform you about the benefits of each plan.

If you are an enterprise-level merchant with over $800,000 to $ 1 million in revenue, consider shifting to the Shopify Plus plan.

Get in touch with us or message us at hi@mswebinternational.com to know more. Hire Shopify Plus Experts to leverage the true potential that you deserve - more customers and more sales!

Explaining The Difference Between Shopify And Shopify Plus

Shopify is a well-known leading eCommerce solution. Made up of over 1,400 fantastic themes, hosting over 2,297 Million websites as of 2021, and available in 175 countries - Shopify offers eCommerce solutions to any business with their easy-to-use interface, bulletproof security, and site speed that keeps shoppers happy. As a result of their dedicated online support, Shopify has grown into one of the biggest tools on the market for anyone looking to open an online store today.

But which Shopify plan should you go for? Is the $29 Basic plan enough? Or should you be choosing the Enterprise-level plan?

We Shopify Plus Experts and Shopify Plus Developers in Singapore will be covering this for you today.

Shopify merchants go from small dropshipping stores to famous brands like Pepsi, Gymshark, Unilever, WaterAid, Redbull GmbH, and Tesla Motors. (Source: Shopify) 

So what matters is the size of your business. 

Apart from the massive price difference where a Shopify Basic plan costs you $29 while the Shopify Plus (enterprise-level) starts at $2000, there are a whole lot of features that are being offered to you by Shopify Plus that are simply not there in the Basic plan. These include:

  • Launch Manager - for the proper launch of your store right from day one.
  • Script Editor - for customizing those checkout zones just the way you want it.
  • Flow - for all your automation needs, you can focus on business while the system automatically handles repetitive tasks.
  • Launchpad - for gearing up for any major sales event weeks or months ahead of time instead of at the last moment.
  • Access to Liquid - for giving you access to Shopify’s theme language, Liquid. Thus providing you with greater customization control from the backend.
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts - for all your employees having their own access and roles. You still retain complete control.
  • Exclusive Apps - for making business easier. Like the Bulk account inviter for importing customer accounts from another platform or from another store upon migrating.
  • Merchant Success Program - for helping users get the most value out of the platform. They’re ready to help you with third-party integrations, products, and platforms, as well as training to help you tap your full potential. You’ll work with a Merchant Success Manager who’ll help you with everything you might need.

Granted, that's a mouth-watering deal and all of those pointers are a must-net for any brand’s success. But what must be taken into account is whether you need all of them. 

A lot of the pointers you read above can still be incorporated into your Basic plan with the help of a Shopify Expert or Shopify Developers such as the Launch Manager and Script Editor. 

To recap, Shopify and Shopify Plus have the same core offering when it comes to the dashboard and basic eCommerce functionality. The main difference is that Shopify Plus gives you a lot more flexibility, more support options, and more access to your store’s underlying code.

This is why the Shopify Plus agency in Singapore will always suggest that you consult with a Shopify Plus Expert when planning on opening your eCommerce store. 

Connect with us and we’ll go through all the details regarding your Shopify Store, whether it's in planning or already exists. We can conduct a site audit and tell you what plan works best for your eCommerce store.

Note: There are a lot of requirements to become a Shopify Plus merchant. The idea must be sustainable so don't hesitate to find out more about what are the prerequisites for becoming one if that's what you have in mind.

Get in touch or connect with us at hi@mswebinternational.com. Hire Shopify Plus agency to leverage the true potential that you deserve - more customers and more sales!

When Should You Opt for Shopify Plus

Shopify has made a name for itself as a trusted, secure, and reliable eCommerce platform; one that allows merchants to focus on their business rather than having to experiment with tricky technology and risky security concerns.

This is partly because this has to do with its hosted nature - all of the upkeep, troubleshooting and security are managed by Shopify.

As Shopify merchants grow, their needs become more complex. They want a platform that will support them on the journey in more ways than one; one with more functionality and customization opportunities than what regular Shopify offers them. 

Shopify Plus is Shopify's enterprise solution for rapidly growing businesses. This plan offers higher limits than Shopify's lower-tier plans, and many merchants may find that their business will outgrow the basic plan. If your company is planning on expansion then you may want to consider upgrading to this plan. 

It’s time for something different for your business. It’s time to focus on service. It's time to partner with a Shopify Plus Expert who will tell you all about Shopify Plus.

So, when should you opt for Shopify Plus?

We as Shopify Plus Experts from Singapore have been taught to answer that same question by Shopify themselves. This is what we have to say:

  • Touched the 1 Million mark?
    Shopify recommends that your business touch the $1-2million mark in revenue. This is when Shopify Plus turns out to be a good choice. Don't consider upgrading if your revenue is anything below $800,000.

  • Looking for an omnichannel solution
    Omnichannel retail is a fully-integrated approach to commerce, providing shoppers a unified experience across all channels or physical touchpoints. Omnichannel retail allows merchants to reach customers from where the customer chooses to buy their products. This could be through Physical stores, Online, Mobile, Social Networking, etc. All of these points are integrated thus making the business process easier for the merchant and customer.

  • If you're a legacy brand
    Many large enterprises function on legacy software even today. This poses a huge security risk in addition to incompatibility with the new evolving technology. Shopify Plus offers an enterprise solution that needs no updates and offers great flexibility from an integration perspective.

  • When your business is in a hyper-growth stage
    The other Shopify plans work like a charm in the nascent stage for any business. But as the growth momentum hits, complex technological challenges involving functionality emerge.

    Let's say for example your store was well suited for 100 customers per month. The same speed and functionality won't work when you have over 100000 customers visiting you monthly.

  • On-premise platform crashes during high-volume periods
    Never worry about crashing again with unlimited bandwidth and SKUs, 99.99% uptime, 500,000 hits per minute, and over 7,000 CPU cores. A fully hosted SaaS platform with automatic scaling during peak times.

  • Need more stores for international expansion, so they can display local languages, currencies, and taxes on each store
    Spin up to 9 custom clone storefronts for each market you sell in with localized languages, currencies, product catalogs, taxes, and domains if you choose to expand and localize your store for a particular customer base. At no additional cost. These storefronts come under your main domain as a subdomain.

  • Need percentage-based discounts, fixed-amount discounts, or free shipping on select items
    Unlock the power of promotions with customizable logic-based discounting from Shopify’s Discounts API and Shopify Scripts. Choose the kind of discount you wish to give specific customers and who the delivery partner will be.

  • Complex Customizations 
    Take advantage of the customization options, such as the headless commerce customization where the front end of your store can be customized by 3rd party Apps while the backend works seamlessly even though separate from the front end. Create 1-page checkouts or 2-page, or even 3-page checkouts, as per your desires. All thanks to the powerful tool called Scripts.

  • Need advanced support to assist with their complex needs
    Get access to 24/7 priority support, the merchant success program, launch engineers, solution engineers, and a network of certified Shopify Plus Partners and App Partners to help you with any issues that you might face.

Shopify is the ideal platform for merchants to concentrate on and expand their other ventures. The reliability of the platform, from maintaining product pages to handling customer insights and sales, offers merchants great comfort throughout the entire process, especially if they are handling large volumes.

Get in touch with a Shopify Plus Partner or Shopify plus experts like MS Web International - Shopify Plus Experts based in Singapore to tell you more about the advantages of switching to Shopify Plus. Or message us directly at hi@mswebinternational.com. Hire Shopify Plus Experts to leverage the true potential that you deserve - more customers and more sales!

7 Most Powerful Features Of Shopify Plus That Will Be A Game Changer For Your Enterprise Business

Features Of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a premium Enterprise level eCommerce platform that provides you with extra features and benefits than the normal Shopify subscription. This premium version of the platform comes for large-scale enterprise users who are generally a global presence and typically with annual multi-million-dollar revenues.

Some of its features include custom scripting, flow, and fraud recommendations during sales. It’s a resourceful platform that will help your business grow at twice the speed of any regular online store. If you have an increase in traffic, the platform can automatically handle it by scaling the website.

Here we talk about 7 of the most powerful features of the Shopify Plus platform that we Shopify plus experts and Shopify Plus Partners in Singapore feel are important enough for you to know. This is what sets Shopify Plus apart from the rest:

1. Scalability

Shopify understands that enterprise-level commerce requires a robust infrastructure that’s capable of serving exponentially more customers, along with more complex operations, integrations, and support. That’s why Shopify Plus has been designed for high-growth businesses that are about to scale.

No need to bother about server requirements anymore as Shopify automatically does that for you. No extra charge.

2. Handling High Volume Orders

When the whole world is waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains, Shopify makes sure that all of your eCommerce needs are met by handling surges in traffic without causing you to crash.

In fact, Shopify Plus supports over 10,000+ transactions every minute at peak and maintains an impressive uptime of 99.99%.

3. 0% Transaction Fees

If you’re using Shopify Payments (Shopify’s own payment gateway powered by Stripe), there are no transaction fees.

Generally using an external payment gateway costs 0.5% in transaction fees, plus whatever fees the payment gateway charges you. This saves a lot of money for customers in the long run.

Plus, Shopify Payments provides a 4x faster checkout than standard experiences and a 91% conversion rate on mobile devices as per Shopify.

Presently there are over 100 Million global Shop Pay users.

4. Launchpad

Are our sales events becoming a daunting task for you to complete at the last minute?

Launchpad is a scheduling tool that is found inside your Shopify admin allowing you to schedule product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more with a defined start and end time. You can now prepare your Shopify store for any event well in advance, without all the headaches.

5. Script Editor and Shopify Flow

Shopify flow, Another feature that Shopify Plus customers can take advantage of is Scripts and Flow. You can use scripts to create discounts that are applied to a cart based on the items in that cart as well as other cart properties that are unique to the customer while Flow automates repetitive tasks for you thus reducing the need for more staff when scaling is required.

6. Customer Support

A responsive customer support system is crucial for any eCommerce business. Shopify Plus offers 24 hours of support from a dedicated agent. No matter what the problem is, considered it solved.

7. Increased API Access

The Shopify Plus plan also has an API (Application Programming Interface) extension for increased API access. This feature is useful for those who sell products from different countries or have many international orders. Shopify's API allows a developer to improve upon and extend the existing features that are built into the platform. This gives the merchant more control over both how they interact with their store and what the experience of their customer is likely to be. In fact, it is available for all Shopify users.

In a mid-2020 press release, Shopify announced that its platform “powers over one million businesses in more than 175 countries” across the globe. There are over 10,000 Shopify Plus stores in 2021 (Source: Shopify). 

Even though we are  Shopify Plus Partners and Shopify Enterprise Solution Experts, we take an unbiased stand in informing our customers that Shopify is the best platform for them to be on. No matter whether new or old to the eCommerce industry. 

As a Shopify plus partner and Shopify plus developers in Singapore, we will help you to leverage the true potential of your business with advanced customizations like 2-step checkouts, ERP integrations, Headless commerce customizations, Borderless eCommerce, presetting activities, and much more. To know more, feel free to get in touch with us at hi@mswebinternational.com. We are here to solve all your Shopify Plus concerns and queries.